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Welcome to the ZaccariaUSA equipment brochure page. Here we offer brochures on most of our rice milling and corn milling equipment including the PAZ lab machine and whiteness meter to our compact mills capable of producing up to 2.6 tons per hour of paddy input. The commercial mill systems offer capacity increments for 5 TPH (e.g. 10, 18, 20, etc) and 6 TPH (e.g. 12, 18, 24, etc.). You will also find brochures for individual items such as paddy cleaners, paddy huskers, destoners, polishers, and whiteners. If you don’t see an equipment brochure on a specific machine, or have any questions on these brochures, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Rice Production Milling Equipment

Model PLZ

Paddy Cleaner

Model DAZ CRFI-7000 SI


DAZ Brochures

Model SMAZ

Paddy Separator

Model SDZ


Model BHZ

Horizontal Whitener

Model BVZ

Vertical Whitener

Model WPZ

Hot Water Polisher

Model CCRZ

Perforated Cylinder Separator

CCRZ Brochures

Model CPRZ


CPRZ Brochures

CPRZ-3 front CPRZ-3 back

Model TRIZ

Length Separator

TRIZ Brochures

Compact Rice Milling Equipment

Model ZX-3

Compact Rice Mill

Model ZX-6

Compact Rice Mill

Model ZX-25

Compact Rice Mill


Compact Rice Mill

Corn Production Milling Equipment

Model PLZ


Model SDZ


Model MDZ

Gravity Separator

Model SCCZ


Model DHZ


DHZ Brochures

Model CLCZ


CLCZ Brochures

Model SRCZ

Husk and Germ Dryer

SRCZ Brochures

SRCZ-600 Rotary Dryer 1 SRCZ-600 Rotary Dryer 2

Model CPRZ


CPRZ Brochures

CPRZ-3 front CPRZ-3 back

Laboratory Equipment

Model PAZ-100

100 gram Sample Mill

PAZ Brochures

Model CRZ-2

Indented Cylinder, Length Separator

Model MBZ-2

Stationary Whiteness Meter


Portable Whiteness Meter

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