From Our Paddy Husking Machines All The Way Down To Our Length Separators, We Offer All Sizes Of Rice Milling Machines – From Precise Laboratory Test Equipment To The Largest Rice Milling Production Models Available

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Rice Milling Process


Model PLZ Paddy Cleaner

Step 1: Paddy Cleaning

Model PLZ Paddy Cleaner

Model DAZ Husker-Aspirator

Step 2: Husking / Aspirating

Model DAZ CRFI-7000 SI Husker / Aspirator

Model SMAZ Paddy Separator

Step 3: Paddy Separating

Model SMAZ Paddy Separator

Step 4: Destoning

Model SDZ Destoner

Step 5: Whitening

Model BHZ Horizontal Whitener

Step 6: Polishing

Model WPZ Hot Water Polisher

Step 7: Separating

Model CCRZ Perforated Cylinder Separator

Step 8: Sifting

Model CPRZ Sifter

Step 9: Length Separating

Model TRIZ Length Separator


Other equipment available for paddy rice drying, storing, process weighing, rice enrichment applicators, automation, packaging and dust control

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