Changing equipment and technology with the modern technical trends. ZaccariaUSA is a specialized manufacturer of rice and corn milling equipment as well as specialized machines for other crops including edible beans, quinoa, cereals, coffee, spices and oil seeds…

ZaccariaUSA Is Showcasing Our Compact Rice Milling Systems

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Food Safety Standards Descend on Rice Mills

Food Safety Standards Descend on Rice Mills

Food safety standards are usually pretty commonplace in factories or plants that specialize in cooked foots, meat processing, and dairy.  Recently, however, our newest rice mill installation became AA rated BRC Certified which is fairly foreign to most of our...

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Rice Milling Metrics Quick Reference

Rice Milling Metrics Quick Reference

Back in high school, I remember my English teacher giving us a list of all of the classic books that we were going to read that year including: To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, 1984, Great Expectations, The Scarlet Letter and the Great Gatsby.  The best part...

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ZaccariaUSA offers a complete array of rice milling and corn milling equipment including paddy husking machines, separators, whiteners, polishers, cylinder sizers, length separators, color sorters, density separators, sifters, degerminators, and destoners. Our lab milling machines help to accurately monitor the quality of your current rice milling processes by measuring whiteness level, transparency, and degree of polish.  Our compact mills offer complete “Farm to Table” solutions for anyone looking to personally provide a high quality consumer product and offer it in the local market.


The rice milling process consists of paddy cleaning, paddy husking, paddy separating, rice whitening, rice polishing, and finally using a length separator to determine proper milling yields. Our array of paddy testing equipment includes sample divider laboratory rice mills, length separators and whiteness meters. ZaccariaUSA has extensive knowledge of the brown and white rice milling processes, as well as processes for milling corn, beans, quinoa, cereals, grains, cereals, coffee, spices, and oil seeds.

Technical Support & Services

ZaccariaUSA rice milling and corn milling equipment is manufactured in Brazil.  Utilizing all of the latest technological advances, Zaccaria machines perform remarkably in today’s very competitive rice and corn milling market. From the Dallas, TX area, we provide customer service and technical support, as well as stock a large array of spare parts for our milling machines.

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