Why should a water polisher be installed in a rice production line?  It’s true that not every production line has a water polisher installed.  I’ve seen some of the simplest production lines without a water polisher all the way up to sophisticated lines that have up to three water polishing steps in the production line.  What do they do and what is the purpose?

In rice milling, abrasive stones are used to remove the bran layers from the rice kernel.  This process creates scratches on the kernel.  Turn your left hand palm down and, with your right hand, scratch back and forth on the top of your left hand with your fingernails.  This sensation is similar to the abrasive stone action of removing bran.  Without a water polisher, those unpolished, scratchy kernels make it into your final packaging and leave the consumer with a sub-par rice kernel.  The ZaccariaUSA WPZ-2 Rice Water Polisher provides significant quality finish to your white rice.  Take your same left hand and with your right palm, rub the top of your left hand.  That action is similar to what happens in a water polisher.  The kernels work against each other in a very fine mist environment to remove and eliminate those scratch marks, leaving you with a translucent, beautiful, gem-like appearance.  Click here to see how much of a difference a water polisher can make in your rice mill.

In the WPZ-2 water polisher by Zaccaria, electronic controls allow the operator to have a better control of the polishing process through a touch-screen, eliminating inefficient energy consumption and the need for constant line adjustment.  Once the initial parameters have been introduced and the machine is running on automatic mode, the device will stay constant at those settings and provide a better finished, more uniformed and refined final rice product.  Internally, the screen chamber is in the shape of a decagon (10 sided) instead of most water polishers which are octagon shaped (8 sided).  This setup reduces the possibility of damaging the grain kernel and helps with the uniformity of the overall finished rice.  Here are some introductory specifications on the machine:

  • Input Capacity: 6,000 – 8,400 kg/hr
  • Main Motor:  75 hp, 1800 RPM
  • Conditioner Motor:  1/2 hp, 1800 RPM
  • Required Water Flow:  100 liters/hour
  • Approximate Shipping Weight (without motor):  1,225 kg

For more information about the WPZ-2 water polisher or any other of the ZaccariaUSA rice processing equipment, feel free to contact us at 972-924-3443 and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ZaccariaUSA.

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