ZaccariaUSA would like to share photos of this ZX-6 rice milling system in Louisiana at James Farms.  This milling installation has a Zaccaria pre-cleaner, a ZX-6 husking machine, an indented cylinder, as well as a small packaging line that can handle between 1-10 pounds of final packaging.  The building where the mill is housed was an older farm building that has been updated with new insulation and electrical.   Beth James, owner and operator of James Farms, has put her own personal touches in classic Louisiana Style.  We’ve included images of her custom day bin which was painted by a hired graffiti artist, her bright red bagging bin, as well as her hot pink pallet jack.

Aside from the mill, Beth has also setup a full lab including an MBZ-2 whiteness meter and PAZ lab machine.  To see how the PAZ lab machine works, you can click PAZ Lab Machine (it opens up in a separate web browser, so you can still keep reading).  The whiteness meter allows her to verify that she is milling to an accurate degree by giving her a numerical value for the whiteness, transparency, and polish of the white rice kernel.

Beth has also put some considerable thought into her Prairie Ronde Long Grain Rice packaging.  With two different designs for her white rice, one package shows a translucent chicken while the other boasts a pig playing an Accordion.  The best part about her packaging (aside from the fact that it is identity preserved from James Farms exclusively) is that you can see the rice kernel through the packaging.  This gives the consumer insight to what they are buying when they purchase one of these handsome bags of rice.  As a starter packaging system, the product is being weighed in a small bagger weigher and then heat sealed with a simple table top sealer.  As demand increases, she plans on researching her automation options, but is quite pleased to start the process of getting her product into the hands of her consumers.

Beth is a perfect example of someone who sees the opportunity to take her traditional farming approach and capitalize on the farm to market movement that is taking over the marketplace.  For more information about the ZX-6 system or how ZaccariaUSA can help you start your own rice mill, give us a call…ZaccariaUSA your rice milling equipment expert.


ZX-6 ZX-6 ZX-6


ZX-6 ZX-6 ZX-6


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